The iN2IT Oracle w/Bonus Trio
118 Cards to Spark Your Inner Knowing
Beautiful imagery. Intriguing keywords. Multi-faceted meanings. Easy to shuffle. Spark your Inner Knowing. Use the Ultimate Oracle. 
The Nuance Oracle: Deck of 72 "nuanced" version of Lenormand cards with the same numbering and playing card suits but different items and symbols displaying unique meanings. ($44.00 value).
The Zodiac Signs and The Spirit Animals Oracle: A 36-card deck containing the 12 zodiac cards (which can be used for timing or to represent people) and 24 spirit animal cards (can act as clarifiers to reveal secrets of nature/spirit connection to Source. Numerology meanings considered when numbering Spirit Animals. ($33.00 Value)
A LIMITED-EDITION 10-Card Collector's Bonus: When paired with the 12 signs of the Zodiac, they form the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot! (ONLY available with purchase of The iN2IT Oracle w/Bonus Trio).
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The iN2IT Oracle 
w/ Bonus Trio
The Deluxe 118-Card Deck  
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Decks Also Sold Separately
  • The iN2IT Nuance Oracle. 72-card deck sold separately for $44.00
  • The Zodiac & Spirit Animal Oracle: 36-card deck sold separately for $33.00
  • Planetary Influencers, Deluxe Box, and Gemstones: ONLY AVAILABLE with the deluxe set.

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