The Original iN2IT Oracle

(Back by popular demand in its second printing!)

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✅Three times as many cards as most oracle decks so you have an unlimited supply to pull for each reading!

✅Plethora of KEYWORDS on each card so that you can tap into your own inner knowing to choose the ones that resonate

✅Smaller, trump-sized cards so that they are easier to handle and you can have fun shuffling with cards that jump and ripple.

✅No book needed so that you don't have to interrupt your flow to go look something up!

✅Beautiful magnetic closure box with ribbon so you can easily retrieve your deck from it's protected home

✅Synergy with all iN2IT family of oracles PLUS your existing collection!

Oracle deck with 36 traditional lenormand cards and 36 expanded lenormand cards. Keywords and object based oracle deck with bonus cards

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