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iN2IT Angel Oracle
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Introducing the iN2IT Astro Persona, the ultimate in personality divination tools. The Astro Persona is your perfect oracle deck to use in personality, relationship, career, and general readings. This oracle deck will help you better understand yourself, friends, family members, your co-workers and your special someone!

With 132 cards, organized by 11 suits of 12 cards, with each suit based on one of the the 10 astrological planets, including the sun, moon, and rising sign. Each planetary suit has 12 zodiac signs or "house" cards with keywords & phrases that paint a personality profile for that placement and offer additional information or advice.



Meet the iN2IT Family

of Oracle & Tarot Decks!

iN2IT oracle and tarot decks are known for having just the perfect images, titles, key phrases and keywords on quality cards that help deliver accurate, super fun readings. Our decks are great options for beginners and experts with NO BOOK NEEDED!

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Meet The iN2IT Tarot Deck...

Our high-quality iN2ITarot deck, custom sized slightly smaller than standard tarot deck, makes reading tarot a breeze no matter what your reading level is! It is designed with stunning images, gold foil stamped with gilded edges and comes in three version, depending upon your needs.

Which iN2ITarot Deck is for you?

Or Mix and Match Them!

iN2ITarot Keywords Edition

Keywords Edition has a gorgeous peacock blue solid card back, image, title, key phrase, and KEYWORDS on the front of the tarot cards. You can read in the upright AND reversed positions. An excellent tarot deck choice for beginners, this tarot deck comes with gold foil stamping and gilded edges.

iN2ITarot Classic Edition

Classic Edition has a stunning magenta pink solid back, image, title, key phrase with NO KEYWORDS on the front of the cards. You can read in the upright AND reversed positions. A solid choice for the more experience tarot card reader, this tarot deck comes with gold foil stamping and gilded edges.

iN2ITarot 2X


2X "Flashcard" Edition has two sides and combines both our Classic and Keywords Editions on either sides giving the new reader the best of both worlds, and ability to read in the upright AND reversed positions. This learning tarot deck has gold gilded edges and is housed in a gorgeous purple gold foil stamped two-part box.

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Meet Our Oracle Decks...

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Our oracle decks have three times as many oracle cards as other oracle decks. And, they are loaded with the perfect keywords to help support your readings. These smaller, trump-sized cards are made of durable high-quality card stock, making them easy to handle/shuffle w/no sticking!!

The videos below are "old" in that they are showing our older editions of our cards. We no longer have the magnetic closure boxes nor gemstones. We retired those versions and you will want to check our product descriptions in our website for recent pictures, but these videos are still very powerful depictions of our products and will help familiarize you with our oracle decks!

iN2IT Oracle 2nd Edition

iN2IT Zodiac 108

iN2IT Twin Flame Oracle

iN2IT Contra Versa Tarot

The iN2IT Oracle 2nd Edition

Going in it's 3rd print... it's almost sold out AGAIN! We expect our 3rd Edition by March 1, 2023

👆👆 HERE 👆👆

The iN2IT Oracle Zodiac 108

👆👆 HERE 👆👆

The iN2IT Twin Flame Oracle

👆👆 HERE 👆👆

Oracle Bonus Packs!

2nd Edition & the Zodiac 108

SAVE $30!!

2nd Edition, Zodiac 108, TF Oracle

SAVE $50!!

Deck Walk-Throughs

The Original iN2IT Oracle w/Bonus Trio


Mystic Moon

Moonlight Guidance

True Sacred Union

Be the Light Academy


Be the Light Academy

Soul Symbols

Sample of YouTube Readings

Using The iN2IT Oracle w/Bonus Trio


Mystic Moon